For students to develop depth of knowledge about how the economy and businesses work. To be able to accurately apply the theory learnt in lessons to what is currently happening in the UK economy and business world.

To develop the strength of character to formulate their own ideas about the performance of the economy and whether governments make the right decisions in terms of economic policies that effect everyone. Students will be resilient as they will be required to develop an understanding of difficult economic theory which will be new to them and apply this using case studies.

Through their study of economics students will have a rich experience which will enable them to make a difference in their working life, potentially impacting on society by enabling them to contribute to ideas about how to solve problems such as global warming and income inequality.  Extracurricular activities such as Economics Society and Young Enterprise also provide these opportunities

Students start their study of economics with A Level offered in the Sixth Form.

Year 12

Microeconomics: The functions of markets and government intervention into markets to solve market failure

Macroeconomics: The performance of the UK economy and macroeconomic policies

Year 13

Microeconomics: Behavioural Economics, Costs and revenues of firms, Market structures and competition policy, Labour markets, The distribution of income and wealth

Macroeconomics: Macroeconomic policies, Globalisation, International trade and Exchange rates, Economic growth and development

Co-curriculum and Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in a range of competitions across the year.  These include the “Student Investor Challenge”, during which students get the opportunity to invest in stocks and shares as part of a team and to research the performance of different companies. There are also a range of essay competitions that the students can enter in Year 12 such as the Financial Times “Young Economist of the Year” competition.

UK Young Enterprise at CCHSG

Young Enterprise is a national education charity that encourages young people to get involved in business from an early age. The programme allows 15-19 year olds to set up and run their own company for a year, create and market their product, and gain invaluable experience of the business world, while competing in the Young Enterprise competition. The scheme is run for Year 12 students at CCHSG and we have had a great deal of success in the Young Enterprise competition to date, including runners up in Europe and reaching National Finals.

The economics department has a series of well-equipped, dedicated classrooms with appropriate resources such as projectors. Students use mini whiteboards to aid assessment for learning and to improve their understanding of economic diagrams. Students are able to get a free subscription to the Financial Times to aid their understanding of the world economy.

Opportunities for Further Study and Destinations

Economics is a subject which is welcomed by employers and is highly respected by universities. The skills that students learn in Economics such as data analysis, evaluation and essay writing are of value across a range of other subject areas, such as History and Geography. There is a strong demand for highly numerate graduates and the analytical and problem-solving skills that the Economics course develops are widely transferable.  Common career pathways following a degree in Economics include financial consultant, accountant, economic researcher, financial risk analyst as well as a range of banking, public sector and civil service roles.