The mission of this school is to prepare resilient, highly motivated and responsible leaders, who are able to contribute positively to society and compete in a global economy.

We promote high aspiration and personal achievement through outstanding teaching and learning and by nurturing good mental and physical wellbeing. We are unashamedly ambitious for the future success of our students.

We aim to:

  • enable students to cope emotionally, physically and spiritually with the pressures and demands of life
  • provide a broad, well-balanced and personalised curriculum
  • provide the highest quality education for able students, to enable them to achieve their personal best in public examinations
  • provide access to the highest quality further education and employment

It is central to the philosophy of this school that our students will:

  • learn in an orderly, disciplined atmosphere, following the school’s Code of Conduct
  • develop the capacity for creative, independent thought and problem-solving
  • be able to communicate ideas in English and at least one modern foreign language
  • develop appropriate technological skills
  • understand our economic and political environment
  • become effective citizens who have developed sound judgement, maturity and compassion
  • understand and respect social, moral and spiritual and British values in a multi-cultural society and take part in cultural activities
  • appreciate and understand the environment
  • become caring individuals who feel safe and secure and are proud of who they are
  • develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills