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Admissions Policies

Admission arrangements for all mainstream academy schools must comply with the School Admissions Code and the school admission appeals code. Academy trusts must publish the admission arrangements for their schools on their website by 15 March of the previous year and keep them there for the whole of the offer year. As the Admissions Policy is uploaded 18 months in advance, references made to data and review dates will be historic.

A1 School Admissions Policy 2025/26

SIF Admissions CCHSG 2025/26

A1 School Admissions Policy 2024/25

A1 School Admissions Policy 2023/24

Fair Access and Partnership Plan Statement

Alpha Multi Academy Trust Policies

Alpha MAT Policies (External Link)

AT1 Concerns & Complaints Policy

Child Safety and Protection Policies

AT2 Alpha MAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (External Link)

40 Child on Child Harmful Sexual Behaviour Policy

A3 Child Protection Procedures

Department for Education – Keeping Children Safe in Education

Curriculum and Teaching Policies

A2 Curriculum Statement

A8 Educational Trips & Visits Policy

42 Attendance Policy

43 Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

47a Administration of the ESFA Bursary

47a Appendix ESFA Bursary Letter

52 RWCM Policy

54 Homework Policy

59 SMSC Policy

A7 Supervision of Students Policy

A11 Objectives and the Equality Duty

A16a Relationships and Sex Education Policy

A18 Charging Remissions Policy

Behaviour Policies

A4 Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy

A5 Anti-Bullying Policy

A6 Exclusions Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

A9 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy

A9a SEND Information (Local Offer)

A10 Disability and Accessibility Policy

Health and Safety Policies

A12 Health and Safety Handbook

Careers and Further Education Policies

58 Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance Policy

58a CEAG Provider Policy Statement

Data Protection Policies

A19 Data Protection Policy (including Appendix I)

A19 Appendix II – Data Protection Statement

A19 Appendix III – Data Protection Policy General Rules

A19 Appendix IV – Statutory Requests

A19 Appendix V – Acceptable Personal Use and Assets

A19 Appendix VI – Data Handling Security

A19 Appendix VII – Data Breaches

A19 Appendix VIII – Records Management

A19 Appendix IX – Biometrics

A20 Freedom of Information Act Policy

Privacy Notices

Data Protection – Parent/ Guardian Guidance

GDPR Rights – Guidance for Parents/ Guardians

Subject Access Requests – Guidance for Parents / Guardians

Freedom of Information – Publication Scheme

eSafety and ICT Policies

44 eSafety, Acceptable Use and Social Media Policy

44 Appendix 10 – Staff AUP

44 Appendix 11 – Student AUP

Examination Policies

50 Examinations Policy

Staff/ Volunteer /Employee Policies

22 Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

AT P3 Sickness Absence Management Procedures

AT P7 Whistleblowing Policy

Recruitment Policy Statement