“CCHSG is an Outstanding School”, Ofsted 2024

The recent Ofsted inspection found CCHSG to be an exceptional school and outstanding in every aspect. 

There were no areas requiring improvement.


Overall effectiveness:    Outstanding
The quality of education: Outstanding
Behaviour and attitudes:  Outstanding
Personal development: Outstanding
Leadership and management:Outstanding
Sixth Form provision: Outstanding

We would like to thank our staff, parents/carers and our governors for their belief in the value of the broad, innovative and ambitious curriculum that CCHSG provides and for their unrelenting support, which has always been key to our success. Our students, as always, were our best possible ambassadors during the inspection, embodying the aims and ethos of the school.  Inspectors judged the school to be outstanding in every aspect and found, among many very positive areas, that:

  • Pupils are part of a respectful, kind and hardworking community
  • The views of pupils are considered carefully and acted upon effectively by the school
  • The quality of education provided by the school is outstanding.  As a result the outcomes for pupils are some of the highest in the country
  • There is a remarkable range of leadership opportunities for pupils
  • There is a culture of determination to succeed not only academically but also to be good people who will make a difference both in school and in the wider world
  • Pupils are exceptionally knowledgeable about their subjects.  The skills they demonstrate are remarkable
  • Provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) is ambitious.  Pupils with SEND make excellent progress
  • The behaviour of pupils is exceptional
  • Pupils have access to a rich and diverse range of activities both within and outside the curriculum to enable them to develop their character
  • Leaders at all levels have maintained an exceptional level of education for the pupils

As part of our school mission we refer to our aim in educating our students to become the “leaders of tomorrow”. When we look for leaders we seek not only those with academic capability, resilience, drive and ambition, but wider ethical judgement, compassion, teamworking and communication skills.  Inspectors described the school as exquisite and exceptional. While the report did not identify any areas of the school’s provision as being in need of improvement, we will never be complacent.  Our ongoing processes of reflection and self-evaluation will continue to support us in securing the best possible educational opportunities for our students.