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Resources for super-curricular activities:


Economics Competitions 

Interest Rate Challenge, the competition designed for 16 to 18 year old students across the UK – details


Connell Guides Short Story Competition, open to all year 11 students – details

Commonwealth Essay competition, open to anyone between 14-18 years of age – details

Christopher Tower Poetry Competition, open to 16-18 year old students in the UK to write a poem and is run by Christchurch College Oxford – details

Humanities Competitions:

St John’s College Classics and Ancient History Essay Competition, open to all UK students currently studying in Year 12,a%20Classical%20or%20Ancient%20subject.


Super Curricular Ideas for Various Subjects

The HE+ website brings you super-curricular resources created and written by Cambridge students and academics including challenging activities, engaging videos and reflective questions. The content is aimed at school-aged students looking to go beyond the school curriculum and discover their passion for a subject today.

Virtual Subject Masterclasses by Cambridge University

Run from 27 July to 4 August, virtually


University College London

As part of their outreach UCL has a variety of useful resources, including masterclasses and personal statement workshops.


London School of Economics (LSE) Outreach

Mentoring, tutoring, pathways to Law, pathways to banking and finance, Saturday school. Often aimed at students from London schools but their free lecture programme is open to all.


London School of Economics (LSE) Free Lectures


King’s College London – Factor Maths Programme

This is a Maths club aimed at Y12 and Y13 students which offers students challenging problems aimed at developing and enriching thinking. Criteria apply in terms of location and diversity.


Student Investor Challenge

Each year, Year 12 can be part of a major competition, organised by the London Institute of Banking and Finance, which can last several months. It will provide a useful insight into trading in stocks and shares. The Student Investor Challenge gives students the chance to experience what it’s like being a stock broker in a fast-paced and competitive market. Teams, consisting of four members aged between 14 and 19, take control of two investment portfolios with £100,000 of virtual money for each one to invest in the stock market.


Eton Summer School: July in Year 12

Ten day residential at Eton College. The residential course costs but those on a bursary can apply for financial support. Only 120 students can attend and location and being from a state school are factors.


Sutton Trust Summer Schools

Fantastic summer schools at one of twelve partner universities (Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Imperial, KCL, Nottingham, Oxford, St. Andrews, UCL, Warwick, Royal Veterinary College) for high achieving students from low or middle income families. The Summer Schools are 100% free. There are 130 different courses across 11 of the UK’s top universities. The dates for the Summer Schools vary by subject and university.


Oxford University UNIQ Summer Schools

UNIQ is open to students studying in their first year of further education, who are based at UK state schools/colleges. Students make a single application between December and January and can be selected to participate in one of two activities: UNIQ Digital or UNIQ Spring and Summer. Students get to experience university life, the tutorial system, have university lectures and seminars and meet students from throughout the UK. The summer schools are completely free to attend. Register between November and February if interested.


Villiers Park

A charity that offers free virtual subject workshops.



A range of short online courses to deepen subject knowledge through this amazing MOOC site (Massive Open Online Community). Very useful for stretch and challenge and a students’ personal statements. Free to access and complete each course though there is an optional payment for a certificate.


University of Warwick Podcasts:


University of Oxford – ‘Explore your subject’. Explore the resources or select a subject area such as Humanities or Social Sciences, followed by a specific subject (Classics, English, etc.).


University of Oxford Reading List





Ideas for Specific Subjects:


Wonders of Life with Brian Cox

Horizon documentaries with Michael Mosley

Biology TED Talks

Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston’s Case Book


Business and Economics


Radio 4 Podcasts

‘Bottom Line’ huge array of topics. 30 mins podcast with 2-3 people interviewed on a business theme

Applications of Maths useful to studying Economics at University.

Stand Up Economist.

An Economist Walks into a bar.

Topical Short Videos from The Financial Times Publication.

Topical Short Videos from the Economist Publication:

Panic: The Untold Story of The Financial Crisis.

The Bank that Bust The World.

Too much maths too little history.

Masters of Money: Keynes.

Masters of Money: Hayek.

Masters of Money: Marx.

Economics in Ten (podcasts) –


Computer Science


Mysteries of the mind can be solved: A brain in a supercomputer. Henry Markram.

Big Data: Watch the TedTalk on the year open data went worldwide. Tim Berners-Lee.

Computer Science. University of Oxford Podcasts – Audio and Videos Lectures.

Radio 4 Podcasts. ‘Computing Britain’.




Radio 4 Podcasts – Law.




NRICH – free mathematics enrichment.

Underground Mathematics.

Mathematics for Natural Sciences Workbook, University of Cambridge. A document full of maths problems.

Radio 4 Podcasts – Mathematics.




Radio 4 Podcasts – Psychology.




Radio 4 Podcasts – ‘Political Thinking with Nick Robinson’.

‘Yesterday in Parliament’.




Radio 4 Podcasts – ‘Moral Maze’.

‘The Public Philosopher’.


Radio 4 Podcasts. ‘Thinking Allowed’.




Radio 4 Podcasts. ‘Life Scientific’.

‘Putting Science to Work.’

‘Inside Science’.




Radio 4 Podcasts.

‘In Our Time’.




Radio 4 Podcasts.




Radio 4 Podcasts.