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Mrs G Marshall
Executive Principal
“The welfare of the child is paramount”
Mrs D Frost
Associate Principal
Overall Operational Pastoral Lead DDSL
Dr S Parrott
Associate Principal
Mrs K Daniels
Year Leader: 10, 11
Mrs S Hughes
Associate Vice Principal
Head of Sixth Form
Mr M Holdsworth
Assistant to the Head of Sixth Form
Mrs L Tarrier
Pastoral Assistant: Years 8, 12, 13
Mr K Kidby
Year Leader: 9
Mrs J Ward
Pastoral Assistant
Years: 9, 10, 11
Miss M Seager
Year Leader: 8
Miss V Wilson
Year Leader: 7 DDSL
Mrs S Stinson
Pastoral Assistant: Year 7
Miss S Torr
Vice Principal
Ms K Sharp
Assistant Principal
Rev H Greenland
School Chaplain
Mrs S Perumatantri
School Counsellor

1. Your first point of contact is your child’s FORM TUTOR. They see your child on a daily basis.

Form Tutor email: You can find a list of tutors and their emails here or please email and mark FAO the relevant person.

Phone: 01206 576973 to leave a message

  • 2. Your second point of contact is the relevant YEAR LEADER. They co-ordinate Pastoral support across the Year Group.

Year Leader email: The Year Leader’s emails are available in the Contact Details page of our website. Please click on the Year Leader name in ‘Pastoral Team – Contact Details’ link  . This information is also in the Year group Essential Information. Alternatively, please email our Office and mark FAO the relevant person.

Phone: 01206 576973 to leave a message

  • 3. Both Form Tutors and Year Leaders may contact you to follow up points of information or concerns
  • 4. Pastoral Assistants are available during the school day to support students. They may also contact you and/or you may be put through to speak with a Pastoral Assistant if it is appropriate to do so depending on your concern.
  • 5. The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs K Daniels. The role of the DSL is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students and young people involved with the school. The DSL is supported by ten, trained Deputy DSLs at CCHSG
  • 6. The SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator) is Mrs K Daniels. The SENCO ensures that students with special educational needs and disabilities at CCHSG receive the support they need.
  • 7. The School Nurse is from an external provider and visits the school fortnightly. Students may be referred to this service on an appointment basis for advice on healthy lifestyles, low level anxiety and any questions surrounding puberty that students may wish to discuss.
  • 8. The School Counsellor visits the school weekly to meet with referred students on an appointment basis
  • 9. The School Chaplain is the Rev H Greenland who runs weekly drop in and appointment sessions for general emotional support

10. The school currently has a WARMS (Wellbeing and Resilience Mental Health Services) team from the charity MIND working on-site five days a week, providing counselling and mental health support to all students. The Team has a high profile in the school

11. The overall school pastoral lead is Mrs D Frost, Associate Principal

Form Tutors are the first point of contact, then the Year Leader or Pastoral Assistants if the Year Leader is teaching.  

Click the relevant name to email them:

Year 7  –  Miss V Wilson, Year Leader and Transition Co-ordinator

Year 8  –  Miss M Seager, Year Leader

Year 9  –  Mr K Kidby, Year Leader  

Year 10/11 – Mrs K Daniels, Associate to SLT, Year Leader & SENCO

Year 12/13 – Mrs S Hughes, Associate Vice Principal, Head of Sixth Form

Year 12/13 – Mr M Holdsworth, Assistant to Head of Sixth Form

Pastoral Assistants:  Mrs L TarrierMrs J WardMrs S Stinson

Additional Contacts                     

AbsenceThe School Office, Attendance Officer, Tel: 01206 576973
Subject specific issuesHeads of Department via the School Office
Examination entriesExaminations Office, Mrs L Pye
Higher Education Information/Careers LeadMrs S Hughes, Associate Vice Principal
School trip queriesRelevant Head of Department/Trip Leader
Special Educational NeedsMrs K Daniels, SENCO
Safeguarding &  Child ProtectionMrs K Daniels (DSL), Dr S Parrott (Deputy DSL), Mrs D Frost (Deputy DSL), Mrs S Hughes (Deputy DSL), Mr M Muldoon (Deputy DSL), Mr M Holdsworth (Deputy DSL), Miss M Seager (Deputy DSL), Mr K Kidby (Deputy DSL), Miss V Wilson (Deputy DSL), Mrs K Sharp (Deputy DSL), Miss S Torr (Deputy DSL)
Missing property Reception Tel: 01206 576973
Serious allegations about a member of staff  Mrs G Marshall, Executive Principal, Mrs D Frost, Associate Principal or Dr S Parrott, Associate Principal
Whole school pastoral or staff issuesMrs D Frost, Associate Principal
Curriculum and dataDr S Parrott, Associate Principal
Teaching & learningMrs D Frost, Associate Principal