The iLab (innovation laboratory) is a specially designed area, where students and others are taken out of their usual learning and working environment into a space designed to encourage creative, critical and ingenious thinking.

ILabs were originally thought up by the Royal Mail to help their management teams brainstorm future possibilities; this was so effective that other organisations, universities and schools have captured and developed the concept of the iLAB.

Within CCHS, the iLab consists of two rooms, one a break out area with bright inspiring colours, thinking toys and tools. The second room has 18 computer stations with dedicated software, floor to ceiling white board walls, changeable light colours and ability to play music to create the right atmosphere.

The software enables users to add ideas simultaneously and anonymously allowing everyone to have an equal voice. The white board walls allow creative idea sharing and the ability to easily expand on others ideas. The bright colours and toys allow the recapture of the childhood imagination through fun while addressing real issues and focusing the energy on educational activities.

The iLab within the school is used by all subjects for revision, debates, designing, problem solving and planning and development. Other users include the student council that use all aspects of the iLab including the brainstorming methods and anonymous voting to achieve their goals.