Young Enterprise at CCHSG

Young Enterprise is the UK's leading business and enterprise education charity.  For the past 40 years it has offered a range of programmes, based on the principle of Learning by Doing, which brings volunteers from business into the classroom to work with teachers and students.

Company Programme – One Year

At CCHSG, we run the Company Programme which is open to all Year 12 students.  This focuses on allowing students to come together as a team, set up and run a business and design their own unique product or service.  Students make all the decisions about their company, from deciding on the company name and product to creating a business plan, managing the company finances, selling to the public to ultimately winding up the company and paying their taxes. The team typically consists of 12-18 students, a link teacher and a volunteer business advisor who brings business knowledge and expertise.

Our Young Enterprise Co-ordinator is Mr Gosling.  He can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Young Enterprise programme helps to increase both employability skills and academic attainment.  Students develop key skills they need not only for the world of work but also for day to day life including:

  • An understanding of how business works, different roles and career opportunities that exist
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Improved communication skills and self-awareness
  • Increased enthusiasm and self-confidence
  • Willingness to take responsibility and show initiative
  • Time management
  • Knowledge to explain how they have personally demonstrated specific employability skills using real experiences for inclusion in CVs and personal statements or when preparing for interview

Students compete with other schools and colleges across Essex and the UK for the chance to become Young Enterprise Company of the Year.

Young Enterprise Team- Empire

Sixteen Year 12 students from CCHSG set up ‘Empire’. They came up with the idea of creating a product called ‘Positinity’.  Designed to combat stress and anxiety, this handy product contained the following items:

1.            A small, portable stress block designed to relieve tension

2.            Bottled lavender oil

3.            Two scented candles

4.            A locally sourced bracelet, designed by a Colchester supplier

5.            Positive quotes to improve wellbeing and mind-set

6.            A hand warmer, manufactured and designed by a CCHSG Year 12 student.


All these products were stored in a visually appealing and compact tin casing, so that students could use the pack on the go when needed.