Extended Project Qualification level 3

What is the EPQ?

It is a qualification that:

  • Comprises a single piece of work, of the students choosing, that shows evidence of planning, preparation, research and autonomous working.
  • Is equivalent to about half the size of an A level study programme and will be graded on a six point scale of A* to E. (70 to 20 UCAS points)
  • May include: a design; a report; a dissertation; an artefact or a performance

Some examples of titles are:

How far was the Soviet Union until 1939 a betrayal of Marxist Theory?

The engineer and significance of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Stream of Consciousness: Its inheritance and legacy.

Period Drama: A Modern Fascination

Is cardiovascular disease the number one killer in the UK?

Why does the positioning of functional groups affect the function of drug molecules?

Breaking the Strangles hold - an investigation into the equine disease known as 'The Strangles'

The Credit Crunch and its effects on Higher Education

To what extent are the laws on 'assisted dying' still applicable to modern day beliefs and how important is the effect that religion has on these beliefs?

What are the benefits?

  • Extend planning, research and critical thinking, presentation synthesis and evaluation skills.
  • To allow students choice and input into the design of an extended piece of work.
  • To support application to higher education in the personal statement on the UCAS form and also at interviews
  • To provide a 'tool kit' of skills, knowledge and understanding which they will be able to use when tackling similar projects in the future such as dissertations at university.

For more information follow the link www.aqa.org.uk