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“The levels of care, guidance and support are outstanding” Ofsted 2009

CCHSG is a community of friendship and support, with an important focus on the emotional well-being of everyone in our care. The school values each student as an individual and aims to help each individual to reach the highest possible levels of personal, academic and social achievement. Our students have high expectations of themselves and work incredibly hard to achieve their goals and we make sure they have our absolute care and support at all times. An inclusive system of pastoral care includes time for reflection and dealing with life’s challenges, as well as important opportunities for personal and social development.

Whilst truly academic, the school is firmly committed to the development of emotional intelligence and resilience as we believe this will help support the student through her adult life. Our programme continues to develop and is unique; it includes work on cognitive behavioural therapy which has been developed by a specialist in this field. Students are taught to recognise thinking errors including negative filtering and catastrophic thinking. The all-girl environment provides a high level of confidence and security. Students are supported by our excellent pastoral care; each girl is seen as an individual and whilst we are educating tomorrow’s leaders, we are also aware that some students need extra support to develop their leadership skills. We believe that through the power and habits of the mind these skills can be fostered and nurtured.

The School has a reputation for excellent results within a caring environment, as evidenced by the following comments taken from our last Ofsted Report in January 2009:

“Students say they relish the independence teachers given them and appreciate the high levels of encouragement”

“Students say they feel safe and supported, both by the school and each other”

“Parents stated how the school had ‘balanced study, social development and student happiness’ extremely well”