Wednesday, 29 April 2020 14:49

Entry to Year 7 in Sept 2021 (Current Year 5 students) Featured

Places at CCHSG are applied for through the Local Education Authority and allocated to students based on performance in the 11+ selection test. The purpose of the 11+ test is to enable grammar schools to identify students who have the potential to thrive in an environment which provides a highly academic curriculum, which also has depth and breadth, and offers a range of challenging pursuits. We do not charge fees and we welcome applications from students living in Essex and surrounding areas. The school is committed to fair access for disadvantaged students.

The 11+ test for admission in September 2021 will take place in September 2020. CCHSG is part of the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex. Registration for the test is via the CSSE website for schools within the CSSE and opens for a limited period in May/June 2020. A full copy of the CCHSG Admissions Policy is available here

In view of social distancing measures in place as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic we will not be offering tours of the school this academic year. A virtual tour, video of a talk by the Executive Principal and the updated 2021 “Guide to Our School” will be available on this site from mid June. You can also follow regular news and updates from CCHSG on Facebook and Twitter.