CCHSG and The Gilberd School Announce the Formation of the Multi Academy “Alpha Trust”

The Governing Board of Colchester County High School for Girls is pleased to announce that, after an extensive consultation process, we will be forming a multi academy trust (MAT) the “Alpha Trust”, working with The Gilberd School.  The Trust will also ultimately include the Trinity Free School to be built in North Colchester.

In forming a Multi Academy Trust, we sought partners who were like minded, with similar ethos and values, with whom we could share good practice.  By working collaboratively we aim to raise standards of achievement and expand the range of opportunities that we can offer our students.  We will also be able to provide greater opportunities for professional development for teachers, governors and school leaders.  Economies of scale also mean that together we can negotiate contracts and services that represent better value for money. The Governing Boards of the two schools share the ambition for their schools to provide an outstanding education for their students, while protecting each school’s role at the heart of its community and retaining its unique qualities and strengths.

The Headteachers of the two schools, Linda Exley and Gillian Marshall, announced that they were both excited by the potential opportunities that the formation of the Trust would offer and looked forward to working closely together to strengthen and develop links between their two school communities. 

You may also find the Frequently Asked Questions sheet useful.

Last modified on Tuesday, 05 June 2018 07:21