Aims and Mission Statement


The School's aims are to enable students to:

  • learn in an orderly, disciplined atmosphere, with equality of opportunity, in order to achieve excellence;
  • discover a love of learning and so develop lively, creative, enquiring minds and the capacity for independent thought and problem solving;
  • be able to communicate ideas effectively, both in English and at least one modern foreign language;
  • acquire and develop both a body of knowledge and a range of learning and technological skills which will equip them for adult life in a rapidly changing world;
  • become effective citizens through gaining an understanding of the economic and political environment in which they live, and appreciating its relationship with the international community;
  • gain an understanding of, and a respect for, social, moral and spiritual values in a multi-cultural society;
  • develop an appreciation of, and respect for, the environment, and understanding of its formation and characteristics, and the impact of man's activities on it;
  • have opportunities to take part in cultural activities within the school and in society;
  • become caring individuals who are considerate of the needs of others, self-disciplined and socially adept.

Mission Statement

The mission of this school is to prepare resilient and responsible leaders for the future, who are able to compete in a global economy.  We promote high aspiration, ambition and excellence. We are unashamedly ambitious for the future success of our students.  

We aim to:

  • Enable students to cope emotionally, physically and spiritually with the pressures and demands of life
  • Provide a broad, well-balanced and personalised curriculum
  • Provide the highest quality education for able students, to enable them to achieve excellence in public examinations

It is central to the philosophy of this school that our students will

  • Learn in an orderly, disciplined atmosphere following the Code Conduct
  • Develop the capacity for creative, independent thought and problem-solving
  • Be able to communicate ideas in English and at least one foreign modern language
  • Develop appropriate technological skills
  • Understand our economic and political environment
  • Become effective citizens who have developed sound judgement, maturity and compassion
  • Understand and respect social, moral and spiritual values in a multi-cultural society and take part in cultural activities
  • Appreciate and understand the environment
  • Become caring individuals who are valued and feel safe and secure