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If you are considering a review of marking of one or more papers, it is advisable to speak to your subject teacher before you proceed, to see whether you are near a grade boundary.

For all Clerical re-checks, reviews of marking and appeals complete a JCQ Clerical re-checks form AND the relevant service form below.

For all other services – print out and complete the JCQ Access to Scripts form and the relevant service form below.

Service 1: Clerical check Deadline 10 September 2018 by 14:00

A check that all the marks have been included and added up correctly and given the correct grade. Although the cheapest service, it is an unlikely type of error and will prevent you seeking the other service. The school does not recommend using this service except in the case of multiple choice papers.

Service 1 – Clerical check form

Service 2: Review of marking Deadline 10 September 2018 by 14:00

By requesting a review of marking, the grade can go up, remain the same or go down. A review by an experienced examiner and all the above checks and the cost is per component per paper. Payment must be made using parent pay/cheque and the copy of the confirmation email must be attached to the form.

Service 2 Review of Marking Form – GCSE 2018

Service 2P: Priority service of review of marking Deadline for this service is 24 August 2018 by 14:00

By requesting a review of marking, the grade can go up, remain the same or go down. This post results service offers a clerical recheck and a review of marking of units/components by a senior examiner. The checks are made in a short term and therefore the deadline is 24 August. The examination boards aim to complete the enquiry within 15 days of acknowledging the request.

Service 2P Priority Review of Marking Form – GCSE 2018

ATS Priority Scripts: Deadline 24 August 2018 by 14:00

If you would like to see a script before deciding to request a review of marking, you should ask for a Priority copy of the script. Priority copies should be received in school by 6 September and may be either in hard copy or electronic form.

Pearson Edexcel are offering a free service where student can request a copy of their script, which can be downloaded by the Examination Officer with student consent. This may help you decide whether to apply for an EAR.

ATS Priority Script (Photocopy) Form

ATS Non-Priority Scripts for Teaching and Learning: Deadline 10 September 2018 by 14:00

If you would like to see your script you can request one via the school on the appropriate form available from the exams office. The service is available to all students taking GCSE exams.

ATS Copy Script for Teaching & Learning Form 

Service  NotesGCSE  
 Service 1 Per Unit£11.10£8.05£16.90
 Service 1 with a copy of the script £23.30£22.40£28.65
Serivce 2Per Unit£39.50£37.55£47.00
Service 2PPer Unit£45.40 –£58
ATS PriorityPer UnitFree£14.35£11.75
ATS No PriorityPer UnitFree£11.30£11.35 (T&L)
ATS Post EAR(Copy/Original)Per Unit£12.20+ Service charge£13.95 + Service charge£11.35
ATS (Original for T&L)Per UnitFree£11.30 

GCSE: Payment through Parent pay/Cheque. Please attach a printout of the Parent pay statement to your application form.