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Author Title Subject area
Bill Bryson A short history of nearly everything General and Science
Matt Ridley Genome Biology and Chemistry
Guilia Enders Gut: the inside story of our bodies most under-rated organ General and Biology
Jostein Gaarder Sophie’s World General and Philosophy
Peter Frankopan The Silk Roads: A New History of the World General, History, Geography
Carlo Rovelli Seven Brief Lessons on Physics General and Physics
Brian Cox Human Universe General, Physics and Biology
Steve Peters The Chimp Paradox General
Matthew Syed You Are Awesome General
Matthew Syed Bounce General

Review Magazines  – including institutional digital archive 1993-2018


Cambridge University Activities ‘Get involved’  Lots of fantastic subjects and activities to delve into.  Short films on topics from the A-level Curriculum by the University of Leeds.


Headstart charity has been established for more than 16 years.  STEM  and engineering activities

Resources to explore beyond the A level Curriculum and other useful links.


Check the Student Bulletin for weekly invitations to guest speakers on a fantastic variety of interesting topics.