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CCHSG 500 Club (2021/2022 Draws)

We are seeking the continued support of our school community  with the CCHSG 500 Club.  Membership will take the form of a one off payment of £40, which entitles participants to be entered into ten monthly draws, over the academic year, for prize money of up to £500. All the funds raised will go directly towards the provision of additional resources and equipment for our students.

Who can take part in CCHSG 500 Club?

Parents/carers/guardians, students (aged 16 & over) and staff of CCHSG can take part. A maximum of 500 numbered tickets can be included in the draw at any given time.

How many tickets can one participant buy?

Each participant can purchase up to 5 tickets at £40 each (a maximum of £200.00) per year. There is no limit to how many tickets can be purchased per household. All tickets must be purchased through TryBooking via the link at the end of this letter.  A booking fee of £2.00 applies per ticket purchased.

How many winning tickets will be drawn per month and what is the percentage payout to winners?

3 tickets will be drawn per month via a computer generated system.  Should full membership of 500 tickets be achieved, a total of £20,000 will be collected per annum. Of this amount, a total of £10,000 (£1,000 per month) will be paid out as prize money from November until August, leaving a total of £10,000 as the amount raised for the school’s funds.

Payouts:  1st Prize – £500.00            2nd Prize – £300.00              3rd Prize – £200.00

If the total number of tickets sold is less than 500, 50% of the total amount raised will be allocated for the winners of the 10 draws. This will be apportioned as:

1st Prize         – 50% of the 1/10 month’s portion

2nd Prize      – 30% of the 1/10 month’s portion

3rd Prize       – 20% of the 1/10 month’s portion

When will the draw(s) take place?

A draw will be made using an electronic system on the 20th day of each month, or the nearest school day (October 2021– July 2022) from the valid entries. The first draw will take place on Wednesday 20 October 2021, based on the number of tickets sold up to 16.00 on Tuesday 19 October 2021.

How will the winners be notified?

Winners will be notified via email. Winning ticket numbers, but not the names of the winners, will also be posted in the school’s Parent and Staff Bulletins, Facebook Page, Classlist and on the school website.

How will the winners be paid?

Winners will receive their prize money via cheque or bank transfer within one week of each draw. They will be contacted for bank account details if required.

If I change my mind about the membership, can I have my money back?

There will be no refunds for those who wish to leave the 500 Club once the first draw has taken place.

If you are eligible to apply, please show your support for the work of CCHSG staff and students by joining the CCHSG 500 Club. You can purchase your tickets via   


Society Name — CCHSG 500 Club

Registration number — 097301

Gambling Act 2005

500 Club Winners 2021/22

Draw 1:  20 October 2021

First Prize: £182  – ticket 98918-1683986 

Second Prize: £109 – ticket 98918-1723762 

Third Prize: £73 – ticket 98918-1723652 

Draw 2: 22 November

First Prize:  £188 – ticket 98918-1724094 

Second Prize:  £113 – ticket 98918-1723957

Third Prize: £75 – ticket 98918-1683986 

Draw 3: 16 December

First  Prize:  £189 – ticket 98918-1441555 

Second Prize:  £113 – ticket 98918-1692674 

Third Prize:  £76 – ticket 98918-1441281