We have attached a letter regarding Thomas Mills High School.  Alpha Trustees held an Extra Ordinary Trust Board meeting on Tuesday 06 September to discuss Thomas Mills High School joining Alpha Trust, all Trustees, except one, attended therefore the meeting was quorate.  Trustees met Mr Phil Hurst, Headteacher of Thomas Mills High school who made a short presentation on the progress the school had made since their recent Ofsted inspection.  The advantages and disadvantages of this school joining Alpha Trust have been discussed at Headteachers Executive Board prior to the Trust Board meeting.  The Trustees were informed of these discussions and had the opportunity to raise any questions relating to the joining process.  Following a healthy and informative debate/discussion Trustees voted unanimously to approve the Resolution to request the Secretary of State approval for Thomas Mills High School to join the Trust, subject to a successful due diligence process.  We will keep you, as stakeholders, informed of any progress in the coming weeks.

Letter attach