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CCHSG Students Outraged At Gender Inequality

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By Clara and Sophia

Students at Colchester County High School for Girls (CCHSG), a grammar school in Essex, are outraged by the ways in which women are discriminated against in today’s society.

Currently, women are poorly represented in the workforce, especially in higher paying positions. We interviewed some Year Nine students to find out their opinion on such topics. It became apparent that 73% of students were concerned about their future due to inequality in employment.  This shows that even girls as young as thirteen are aware of the issue, showing the negative effect it could have on the mind-sets of young people. However, it is clear that students are not sufficiently educated on this topic, as only 53% of students surveyed were aware of the gender pay gap - which is currently at an astonishing 23%.


Alex, a student at CCHSG, is concerned about struggles she may face in the future: “I am very concerned because I think inequality might prevent me from being higher up in a business compared to my male counterparts.”

To try and tackle issues surrounding women’s rights, International Women’s Day (IWD) is held on 8th March every year. This year, the theme was #BeBoldForChange and encouraged women to speak out about equality and the empowerment of women worldwide.

A number of campaigns were held throughout the week which helped to boost awareness and encourage people, both male and female, to get involved with the movement. Businesses, educational establishments, sports teams and many people across the world celebrated IWD in a number of different ways.

Colleges and universities such as Trinity College Dublin encouraged their students to take part in IWD by holding multiple events across the week to educate and advise young people with regards to the part women can play in society. Adult education company General Assembly ran a variety of events in 11 major cities that encouraged women to get involved in areas of the workforce that are primarily dominated by men. AECOM, a business that concentrate on women in the workforce, have campaigned for women to advance into higher positions in their current job.

Women of the World 2017, or WOW, also took place last week, providing a platform for inspirational women to speak out. Debates, discussions and other thought-provoking speeches took place and issues, such as Brexit and its effect, on women were discussed.

Though it seems that women are receiving help to find their voices, CCHSG students do not think enough is being done. It is obvious from our survey that young girls want change to happen: 100% of participants felt that both men and women should receive equal pay. The gender pay gap does not add up.



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