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Jelly Babies – The Key To Half-Marathon Success

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By Justina and Katie

 L-R: Miss Murison, Miss Morgan and Miss Jones ran 13.1 miles on Sunday (photo courtesy of Miss Murison)


Last week, three teachers from Colchester County High School for Girls tackled the gruelling Colchester Half Marathon. On Sunday 12th March, science teachers Miss Murison, Miss Jones and Miss Morgan completed the 21km route, running through Colchester on a challenging course that began at Colchester United’s Western Homes stadium. After several months of practice and training, the three heroic teachers completed the task with flying colours, collectively raising over £700 for their respective charities: Mind, Cat Rescue and the Catherine Bullen Foundation.


“I started training in September,” said Miss Murison, “…long runs each weekend, trying to get faster”. Miss Jones added: “My training was no so great… I really struggled with balancing work with a running schedule.”

However, they all said that they really enjoyed it on the day, and that they would all definitely recommend the experience to fellow teachers and friends. They said that it was very positive for all of them, and that the support along the way was over-whelming, with thousands of people participating in the run, and just as many cheering and clapping along the way.

“It was really satisfying afterwards,” commented Miss Morgan.

The 21km long course was approximately three times the length of a school cross-country route, and all of them wowed their students with their achievements, many of them having sponsored their teachers.

Along the course there were also inspirational quotations on the mile markers. They acted as another boost for everyone to keep going. One mile marker had a quotation by Mo Farah, another by Mother Theresa, and another included a quotation from Winston Churchill. These all helped to push the participants on through the streets of Colchester.

And, of course, we cannot forget their alleged secret-weapon for success – the infamous jelly-baby. As an energy booster, little sweet packets were handed out to runners as they completed the route, to help them keep running, even up the treacherously steep hills. All three teachers described the jelly babies as the “key to their success”.

Along with the 2,700 other runners, they all crossed the line in impressive times, and celebrated with their medals in the shape of Colchester’s Jumbo Water Tower. Needless to say, all three of them did something many of us could not and even said that they would like to go again in the future.

In the words of Miss Murison, “It was really good fun – I would definitely recommend it.”

 The teachers thought the half-marathon was really good fun (photo by Justina)



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