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Exemplary Extra-Curricular Engagement At CCHSG

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By Hetty and Mia

Year 9 student Emily in 'Guys & Dolls' (photo by Mrs Elder)

Across the country, schools maintain the view that education should develop the ‘whole child’, which means that clubs and excursions are particularly important in a well-rounded education.

Grammar schools are, stereotypically, the home of studious pupils. The demands of homework can leave students with little time to engage with extra-curricular activities; Colchester County High School for Girls has broken that scholarly stigma.


Many girls have taken part in several performance-related projects over the course of this academic year. Whether the annual Gym and Dance Showcase or the drama club’s production of  ‘Guys and Dolls’, students have produced a fantastic display of their talents on the school’s stage.

‘Guys and Dolls’, the romantic-comedy musical, took place on 2nd-3rd March. It tells the story of Nathan Detroit and his infamous crap game: a gambling habit which must be broken before he can marry his long-term love Miss Adelaide. An complementary storyline follows churchgoer Sarah Brown and master gamble Sky Masterson. The play is an action-packed story of love and life.

Elsewhere in the school, the Gym and Dance Showcase took place on 6th-7th March. Abi, a student who danced in the show, said that it was ‘exhilarating’. The spectacle included talents from all years and genres. From Michael Jackson to Bollywood, girls choreographed routines independently or with the help of other students, in order to provide, in the words of teacher Mr Lane, a ‘really good demonstration of talent’.

Students felt it was beneficial for their all-round well-being, too. Grace said, ‘[The performances] make you feel a part of something that brings people together. It allows you to meet new people, whilst boosting your self-confidence because you are really performing the whole time.’

CCHSG is also very adept musically. Many students take private music lessons offered by the school in order to further their abilities; there are clubs which cater for every musical talent. Seasonally, shows are put on to display the vast range of instrumental aptitude across the school.

Rosie, a Grade 8 saxophonist, told us why she ‘loves’ the department’s performances: ‘I love the music department because it gives you the opportunity to try new things.’

Lower School classes partake in the annual ‘Choral Competition’, arranging and performing songs as a form group in compliance with a set theme. Every member of the tutor group participates, increasing form morale and allowing students to work as a cohesive unit.

Sport is another strongly-featured curricular element at CCSHG. Physical Education is promoted as having equal importance to other subjects. Hannah, a keen athlete, chose PE as her enrichment GCSE because ‘[the school] provides many opportunities for me to develop my hobbies’.

Competitive fixtures are aplenty, with events taking place all year round in various sports. They allow students to ‘meet new people’, according to enthusiastic sportswoman Kate, and give them a chance to excel. Lottie, a member of the Netball and Rounders teams, enjoys competing as ‘it allows me to develop my team-working skills. I take pride in representing the school’.

The school will continue with its efforts to appease all extra-curricular interests: auditions are now taking place for the summer variety show; the Choral Competition will take place once again and Sports Day is set to be a triumphant finish to another school year. CCHSG’s students are anticipating this summer’s proceedings with excitement.

Year 9 dancers, dressed as zombies for their 'Thriller' of a performance in the Gym and Dance Showcase (photo by Kate)

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