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Student Fundraisers Busk For Bucks

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By Katie and Izzi


Mrs Stinson with CCHSG’s most recent Lepra award (photo by Katie)

Over £140 was raised for a leprosy charity by students at Colchester County High School for Girls. On 8th and 9th March, four Year Seven students gave up their lunchtimes to busk for their peers.

Darla, 7C, was the lead singer and guitarist in the young group of budding musicians. Accompanying her were Matilda, 7O, who was in charge of harmonies, and backing singers Hannah and Anita, 7C. The girls sang and strummed nine popular songs, and later took requests. They performed some huge hits such as Shape of You (Ed Sheeran) Stitches (Shawn Mendes) and Say You Won’t Let Go (James Arthur). They also breathed new life into lesser-known songs like Nina (Ed Sheeran).


The fund-raising effort of these girls was incremental to the school’s charity work with the Lepra Foundation, with whom CCHSG have had a close relationship for over ten years. Lepra is a charity based in Middleborough that fights leprosy and prejudice in poorer parts of India. The average amount raised for Lepra by other schools is approximately £1000; however, CCHSG students have gone the extra mile and raised a combined total of £10,365 pounds over the last three years.

Mrs Stinson, leader of pastoral care at CCHSG, is in charge of the school’s charity work. Most of the fund-raising lies with the Year Sevens. They receive a talk from Lepra’s ambassador, Sally White, who instructs them on how the fundraising process works and how their money will help. They begin their fundraising with activities ranging from sponsored silences, bake sales, five kilometre swims or cycles - or the innovative method of busking at school.

Each year after the fundraising, Sally White returns to the school and hosts a Zumba workout to thank the girls for their efforts.

Mrs Stinson said, “It’s been great, absolutely fantastic. It’s good fun and the girls really enjoyed it.”

She went on to explain why the school is so closely linked to the charity. “It’s all about children their own age. Simple things make a huge difference, and these girls are helping other young people get an education.”

£25 pounds raised buys antibiotics which can cure a child of leprosy. CCHSG raises an average of £3500 pounds a year – enough to help 140 children.  “Our school is one of the most successful schools for fundraising. We raise a huge amount,” Mrs Stinson said.

The fundraising is enjoyable as well as cause-effective. Matilda, 7O, said, “It was really fun and I’m so glad we raised money for this amazing cause.”

PE teacher Miss Allason and Head of Year Nine Mr Holdsworth were entertained by the busking. Miss Allason said, “It was a creative idea. It’d never been seen before. The girls had amazing vocal and instrumental talent.”

“Thank you to everyone who donated and came to watch us,” said Darla.

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